Misión y valores

At Unió Nuts, we believe that the rural environment must be a place of opportunities. This is why our commitment to our territory means a commitment to people. We believe that de development of the primary sector enhances social, demographic and economic growth in equal societies.

We’re a company with deep roots in our land. We support agriculture and promote rural development, everything from economic activity to popular traditions to the environment and the countryside. Through all our associated cooperatives, we seek demographic balance in our region, providing opportunity to young adults so that they can settle down and realise their dreams and ambitions in a rural setting.

Unió Nuts’ business model promotes cooperativism, a model of participative business management whose core values are collaboration, involvement in decision-making and teamwork.

Lastly, we are committed to innovation as a way of bringing the greatest value to our products, improving cultivation and transformation processes to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients worldwide.

“Our commitment to the territory, to the environment and to collaborating with our associated cooperatives allows us to offer the markets natural products of the highest quality.”


Unió Nuts is also committed to our younger generations. We implement rural development projects specifically for younger farmers to ensure smooth generational change in the rural areas. Through our farm management programme, we offer young people a chance to recover farms at risk of abandonment, and to work them and obtain the maximum results thanks to the advice and follow-up of our technical experts. This project has already recovered more than 500 hectares of farmland.