Quality policy

Now more than ever, markets are demanding products that can be fully adapted to the specifications of each customer, with a capacity for stable supply and a full guarantee of origin. This makes it essential for us to be continually improving our policies on quality and food safety.

Unió Nuts applies exhaustive controls during all production processes, especially those used to ensure product traceability: from the source of the nuts at our producing member’s farm until the time when the final products reach our customers. Since most of the products we produce are customised, our technicians monitor each phase throughout the entire transformation process to ensure that the results obtained are adapted to each customer’s requirements.

As a way to guarantee these procedures, Unió Nuts possesses IFS certification with the ‘Higher Level’ rating. We also have the necessary equipment and procedures in order to analyse several physicochemical and microbiological parameters of our products such as the oxidation of fat, the presence of contaminating agents, the colour and grading of paste and other specifications required by industry. Our production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art detectors which minimise the presence of foreign objects.

As a guarantee of these procedures, Unió Nuts is certified by IFS. 
In addition, our organic production is certified by CCPAE and we also have Kosher and Halal certificates.

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