Who are we?

Unió Nuts is Spain’s leading nuts cooperative, specialising in almonds, hazelnuts and carob pods. We have been recognised as a Priority Associative Entity by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (2018).

Unió Nuts currently handles production from over 50,000 hectares of land, equivalent to 35,000 tonnes of nuts, which are subject to custom processing and transformation to meet the needs of each customer. This allows us to export over 65% of our output to other countries in the European Union (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, etc.) and Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.), as well as to the United States and Latin America.

Unió Nuts is part of the Unió Group, an entity made up of 186 cooperatives. The group was established in 1942 with the goal of improving living conditions for farmers and encouraging rural development. Unió Nuts remains fully committed to these objectives, so that we can continue to offer high-quality Mediterranean products with a guarantee of origin.

Today Unió Nuts handles production from 50.000 Ha, equivalent to 35.000 tonnes of nuts.